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Banking and insurance


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Bring a modern and engaging experience to your customer relationship! Stand out from the competition with our interactive applications, specifically developed for the banking and insurance sector, allowing you to present your services in an accessible and innovative way. In a context where innovation and customer loyalty are key to company performance, AFTER-MOUSE.COM offers simple, affordable solutions to banks and insurance agencies, enabling them to take a fresh approach to selling services and revolutionize their customer relationship management.

These dedicated applications are true sales facilitators, whose participative and user-friendly nature transforms your sales relations by enabling your customers to become active players in the sales process. Choosing AFTER-MOUSE.COM is your guarantee of unrivalled service and an enhanced brand image.

These "à la carte" applications can be deployed on a range of devices which will integrate perfectly into your sales space. Microsoft® Surface® allows several people to share and collaborate on a multi-touch platform where each participant can have different experiences. Your sales force can be equipped with tablet PCs or touch screen laptop computers, making them more mobile. Different-sized touch screens installed around your sales floors can allow multiple customers to interact simultaneously.

Groundbreaking new features

Document browsing

Your customers can use this function to browse your documentation accessing the user-friendly touch screen interface, by themselves, turning the pages with a simple touch of the finger! They can also access marketing or information videos.

Transfer to data stick

The documents which a customer views can be transferred directly to a USB data stick, enabling the customer to take away the information they want and read it at a later date. This application will enable you to reduce the number of paper brochures printed, which can dramatically reduce your costs and promote your institution as both environmentally-conscious and friendly. Since our solutions promote a personalized experience, customers can select only the information that interests them.


Your customers can also send the content they are interested in to their own email address. This couldn't be easier: all they have to do is enter an e-mail address, using the virtual keyboard, to receive the documentation.

Product comparison

Your customers can, independently, compare your company's banking and insurance products: they become proactive consumers, making more informed choices. This tool is a great way to add to your customer database, as well as to build up your knowledge of customer behavior and refine how you offer your products.

Branch locator

This application enables your customers to find your branches with just a touch of the finger! They can also access detailed branch information (opening hours, address, telephone, etc.) for added convenience!

Property loan calculator

This module provides a quick way to calculate a customer's borrowing limit. This makes your customers more involved in the process. They see the results clearly presented and can change them on their own, giving them a better understanding of often complex calculations.

Consumer credit calculator

This feature is used to calculate the monthly repayment for consumer credit, in real time. Once all the required information has been entered, together with the desired repayment period, the results will be displayed in the form of a graduated scale in yearly steps, with a slider. The customer can move the slider at any time to change the repayment period.


This feature is used to estimate the amount of monthly repayments which the customer will have to make when refinancing. As with the previous functions, the refinancing will be calculated once the necessary data is entered. The customer can then decide on the amount they want to pay back each month. The customer can save all the information they have entered so that they may use it at a later date.

Insurance simulation

This function is used to quickly calculate the annual cost of insurance for your customers. Using the calculations stored in the touch screen unit, this often long and uninvolving process will turn into an engaging and participatory experience, enabling you to engage your customers on a whole new level..